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  • Size 23,5 x 28,7 cm
  • Language Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  • ISBN-13 978-84-937584-0-0
  • Author/s Paco Torreblanca, Oriol Balaguer, Jordi Pujol, Ramon Morató, Carles Mampel, Miguel Sierra, Jacob Torreblanca
  • Hardcover 328 pages
  • Published in 2009
  • Weight 3,5 Kg


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They are seven of Spain’s champions. But they are more than that. They are seven grand professionals who, in their careers, have not stopped evolving and who are the protagonists in Spanish patisserie. Seven personalities, seven different styles, seven ways of understanding this work. Seven winners who have worked hard to achieve their success. And for those who are starting to take their first steps in this sweet adventure, they are seven role models to look up to. They are definitely seven great masters in Spain’s modern patisserie.

Engels/Spaans talig.