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  • paco torreblanca, the mechanism artisan
  • albert adrià, “el Bulli is a way of life. A big family…”
  • frédéric bau, the global chef
  • jacquy pfeiffer, “the possibilities in pastry are endless”
  • miguel sierra, corn in its pure state
  • rene redzepi, scandinavia on plate
  • ramon morató, homemade jams. Art and trade
  • leonardo di carlo, passion for the trade
  • olivier fernández, vacuum-packed desserts
  • naomi mizuno, three bonbons, three liquors
  • diego lozano, present and future in Brazilian and South American pastry-making
  • montse estruch, david inglada and agustín mira, ice cream is reinvented
  • tidbits
  • angelo corvitto, the gastronomic ice cream
  • gabriel paillasson, “france does not have a monopoly of pastry-making”
  • franco costa, “we got to work with our heads in the clouds”
  • monte carlo consecrates collections 08
  • maison bernachon, ali baba’s cave and the 1,001 flavo

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