So Good No.21


Number of pages: 304

Measures: 230 x 297 cm

Language: English

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  • Kirsten Tibballs Happy birthday, so good..
  • Jiro Tanaka Chocolate Japanesque
  • Johan Martin Slow viennoiserie
  • Yann Couvreur Exactly what it looks like
  • Frank Haasnoot The living pastry
  • Davide Comaschi Double success
  • Alexis Bouillet The piping bag and the spatula
  • Juan Contreras A long journey to the sweet side
  • Nicolas Belorgey Books full of nostalgia
  • Attila Meinhart A culinary touch
  • Xavi Donnay Mini priority
  • Richard Hawke A dialogue with the ingredients
  • Pascal de Deyne Nature in mouth
  • Essence, by Espaisucre, High school desserts
  • Miko Aspiras Stories from the  Philippines
  • Jose Romero The Panettone inside and out
  • Anna Bolz Hitting all the right notes
  • Tidbits
  • Ramon Morató & Anne Cazor A new look at chocolate ganache
  • MOF 2018 Five of a kind
  • Wang sen The western style agitator in China
  • Jerome Flayosc The recipe of a chef’s portrait

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