So Good No.24



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The will to carve out one’s own path by Joaquin Soriano. The desire to take an establishment further by Gianluca Fusto. Mark Welker’s meticulous avant-garde. The surprising chocolate making of Andrey and Ronya Dubovik, Francisco Migoya, and Luis Amado. The wisely updated tradition of Florent Margaillan. The magic of the Southern Cone immortalized by Pablo Baracat and so on, reaching 24 stories with the same focal point: a love for pastry.


  • Mark WelkerThe four fundamentals
  • Ronny EmborgThe gastronomic side of fruit
  • Fusto MilanoA singular space for a unique creator
  • Jean-Thomas SchneiderBeyond titles
  • Francisco MigoyaEyes wide open
  • Andrey & Ronya DubovikLove, passion and chocolate
  • Nina TarasovaPuff pastry, start and finish line 
  • Joaquin SorianoCompetitive personality, homey spirit
  • Nicolas ArnaudSimple and safe
  • Lluc Crusellas & Marta MartínThe ‘so good’ generation
  • Akihiro KakimotoA combination to wow the world
  • Laurent BichonThe lessons behind a beautiful photo
  • Richard HawkeNaturally white
  • Florent Margaillan, Hyper-gourmand identity
  • Graham Hornigold & Heather KaniukCrossing the bridge
  • Luis AmadoThe sky is the limit
  • Alexei GrebenshchikovFresh from Russia
  • Andrea CotéLight, familiar, meticulous
  • Tidbits
  • Grant AchatzFine dining and to-go food might seem like odd bedfellows but Chicago’s Alinea is proving otherwise


  • Pablo Baracat‘A photo must induce in people a connection between what they see and what they want’
  • Luciano GarcíaBack to the origins
  • Gustavo SáezGestures which define
  • Matías RiséTempting to change
  • Belén MelamedGetting bored is not an option