So Good No.27


januari 2022 het nieuwste nummer van so good.. No.27

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  • Will Goldfarb, Haute pâtisserie in paradise
  • Mauro Pompili & Maya Sittisuntorn, Complex, beautiful and friendly
  • Philipe Vancayseele, Play and taste
  • Luis Amado, Safe flavors, ‘go wild’ shapes
  • Alexis & Manuel Bouillet, Thinking out of the box
  • Chong Ko Wai, Creativity or improvisation?
  • Jesús Escalera, Relaxed p‰tisserie
  • Javier Guillén, Nonconformist
  • Maxime Gilbert, The culinary appeal of tarts
  • Jiro Tanaka, Be as creative as a pastry chef
  • Fabrice Danniel, Pleasure must change
  • Paola Chang, Third culture
  • Paco Pérez, A new skin
  • Dimitri Fayard, The highly trained trainer
  • Alexandr Donskov, A ‘brightness’ in the gateway to Asia
  • Tidbits

Millefeuille challenge

  • Francisco Migoya, The accordion
  • François Perret, Road inspiration
  • Dimitri Fayard, Mille feuille to the third power
  • Olivier Fernández, Twice inverted

  • Tanguy Coelis, A 100% artisan success
  • David Chamorro & Xavi Donnay, Aromas to the maximum