So Good No.29


januari 2023 het nieuwste nummer van so good.. No.29


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PASTRY AND SUSTAINABILITY: And you, what are you doing?

Lauren V. Haas, In harmony with nature

Francisco Migoya, Simplissimus

Juan Contreras, Awareness and education

Nicolas Dutertre, A collective responsibility

Jo Barrett, Leading by example

Nicoll Notter, The way we should all want to live

Natsuko Shoji, Recycling the model


Anthony Hart, Double focus

Camila García Elizalde, Emotional pastry

Andrea Tortora, A contemporary journey into Italian tradition

Josep Maria Ribé, Leaving a mark

Daisuke Mori & Yohei Nakayama, Fermentation deepens flavor, aroma and texture

Roger van Damme, Treasures of the restless traveler

Valentin Mille, The challenge of seducing everyone

Cédric Grolet, In search of flavor

Ross Sneddon, The art of hospitality

Otto Tay, The strength of the new Asian pâtisserie

Abel Bravo, Intense and personal



Michel Willaume & Marc Balaguer, New generation of fruit glazes

Richard Hawke, Deciphering the world of pectins

Bachour Buffets, Antonio Bachour presents his ultimate work

Yohan Ferrant, Up with the doughs