So Good.. No.6



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andoni luis adúriz, the constructor of experiences
jerome landrieu, “when a chef has a vision and puts his heart into his or her creation, you can taste it on the plate”
sebastien rouxel, “la pâtisserie is a world of its own. It is a place where all your senses can be challenged”
jordi bordas, the triumph of perseverance
mickaël besse, without artifices
sadaharu aoki, minimalism by adding, unique way of focusing on materials
pierre françois roelofs, flowing desserts
francisco migoya, divertimento
malcolm goh, darren teoh and raymond tham, sweet malaysia
jimmy macMillan, design for emotion
diego crosara, the evolution of Italian pastry
hideki kawamura, master of aroma
toni viñas, pure balance
bastien blanc-tailleur, sweet blooming
patrick fahy, pastries from within
arnaud chavigny, desserts with nostalgia
grant achatz, red harmony
kirsten tibballs, sesame surprise
maison ladurée, paris emblem
a cocoa country
dessertTruck, haute pâtisserie for five dollars
nacional pure is discovered, an exceptional cacao lost for 100 years
yayra glover, sustainability and fairness in the cocoa business