So Good.. No.7



grégoire michaud, sense and sensitivity
hidemi sugino, dialogue with ingredients
arnaud larher, the second raspberry
jordi roca, chronology of a unique dessert menu
thomas bühner, la vie’s apple
pain de sucre, “a good product is beautiful by nature”
frederic robert, looking for unexpected desserts
william curley, chocolatier skin, patissier heart
gilles delaloy, freedom with base
bruno van vaerenbergh, my advice: “less fat, more design and smaller portions”
emmanuel ryon, with pleasure
claire heitzler, between what is beautiful and what is good
jordi puigvert, innovation in the technique, tradition in the result
stefano laghi, self-molded
raúl bernal, the value of perseverance
josep maria ribé, artisanal dragées
sylvain leroy, a versatile chef
dani garcía, sweet divertimentos
jerome landrieu, mignardises
andrés lara, a small tribute to chocolate
ramon morató takes chocolate to harvard
dominique ansel bakery, funny home away from home
bcncookies, more than just cookies
angelo corvitto and the exciting game of ice cream
christina tosi, all in the family
susan hochbaum, offspring of freedom
the champions’ dream
tea time


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