So Good R


So Good.. Recipes
Is een bijzondere So Good..

Een compleet naslagwerk met alle recepten uit de nummers 1 t/m 8 handig geordend.


– size: 220 x 210mm
– 230 pages
– 120 chefs
– 1.144 recipes
– 11 different families


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The recipes can be found by FAMILY of PRODUCTS and AUTHORS.It doesn’t contain the pictures of the recipes.We are sure that it’s an excellent tool for the professionals as they will have more that 1.000 recipes in one volume.
The reason of this “R” volume is because we still have a lot of demands of volumes 1 to 8 and as you know they are sold out, and due to the impossibility of reprinting them edition by edition we took the decision of joining all the recipes in only one volume.


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