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So Good.. Recipes 2

het ver volg van So Good.. Recipes
Compleet naslagwerk met alle recepten uit de nummers 9 t/m 16 handig geordend.

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This is the tool chefs favor to update, improve, and diversify their repertoire of creations: So Good Recipes, now in its second edition. In this second installment, this successful manual has compiled all the recipes published from issues 9 to 16 of so good magazine. The 150 chefs from around the world who have collaborated in these 8 issues of so good are the creators of the more than 1,600 recipes included, 50% more content in comparison to So Good Recipes volume 1.

12 product families (mousses, creams, sponge cakes, gelatins, sauces, ice creams, etc.) distribute all the information by sections and sub-sections. The reader can also quickly search according to the type of ingredient used or according to the chef who has created each recipe

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